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    Collaborative Designer

    based out of Grand Rapids, MI.



    I create important dialogue to implement intentional visuals helping others generate ideas that can solve problems locally and globally.


    Conceptual Thinker. Organizational Junkie. Timeless Photographer. Coffee Enthusiast.



  • What I Do

    Fearless and curious, I dove head first into the messiness that is Collaborative Design. The studio coursework at Kendall College of Art and Design quickly engaged me in the design process that blends integrative thinking with observation to identify and solve problems. Through many delegated projects, I learned that my passion lies within building strong connections in a collaborative working environment. I am seeking opportunities in design thinking, visual literacy, user centered design, and photography.


    As a specialized generalist, I would like to bring the concept of pre-visualization to the conversation. With my specialized area being in photography, I know the power of planning and storyboarding before diving into an exact solution. Photography allows this to happen through the use of images and photo editing. I love to capture images and translate them to a variety of formats to help achieve diverse media. Using multiple design disciplines makes me a strong collaborator within the design industry today. I am very much a hands on facilitator opening up dialogue and helping others channel their inner pre visualization skills to solve challenging problems. During my off time, you can find me baking goodies in the kitchen, spending time in various places around Grand Rapids with a camera in hand, or spending time on the Traverse City bay with my family on their boat. Nothing gets me more excited than collaborating with new people to create the next best thing.


  • Design Vision


    I promise to bring innovative design solutions to the table by communicating empathetically though the use of diverse visuals and intentional collaboration.


    • Collaborative Design Projects

    "GRPM Educational Activities For All"

    Engaging the Grand Rapid's Public Museum's river front yard, we used the design process to create a welcoming educational space that is welcome for all.


    In partnership with the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

    "Sustainable Culture"

    A publication that celebrates student work that advocates for sustainability and social justice.

    "Connect to Care Deliverable"

    Using service design tools, we worked to connect families with homes close to care in the Grand Rapids area.


    In partnership with a non-profit organization, Connect to Care.

    • Photography


    The intent behind this concept was to create an image in the form of a contact sheet using pre visualization skills.


    Shot with an SLR camera

    "Fifty Years Later"

    Created visually stimulating images using an external flash.


    Shot with a DSLR camera

    "Fragile, Resilient"

    These portraits are meant to represent the deterioration of women after being out in society as she is seen as something she's not.


    Shot with an SLR camera

    "Contrasting Sides"

    Studying architecture in a new way that is different, yet cohesive even though the subject matter may be opposite.


    Shot with a DSLR camera

    • Skills

    Learned Collaboratively and Independently

    Concept Development

    Journaling, Ideation, Prototyping

    Organization Skills

    Planner, Strategist, Efficient

    Team Facilitation

    Leader, Delegator, Coordinator

    Communication Skills

    Listener, Thoughtful, Empathetic

    Photo Sequencing and Editing

    Storyteller, Developer, Director

    Image Output

    Scanning, Inkjet Printing, Dark Room Development

    • Tools

    To help further understand the process


    Fictional profiles developed as a way of representing a particular group.

    User Journey Map

    A structured visualization of a service user's experience.

    Proficient in using a DSLR and SLR

    Skilled in using a digital and film camera, and various camera equipment.


    A method for sharing insights and new compelling concepts cohesively.

    Idea Generation

    A technique used to structure and inspire brainstorming sessions using various props.

    Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite

    Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop.

    • Education

    Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI.

    Bachelor of Fine Arts ~ 2016-2020


    Major in Collaborative Design

    Minor in Photography

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